You may be asking yourself what a Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band is. The answer is quite simple. Instead of having invasive surgery to reduce your weight, we install the band in your unconscious mind. The results are the same without the discomfort of having surgery. This allows you to enjoy a 5 to 7 pound weight reduction after your first week and 1-2 pounds per week until you reach your goal. It will also allow you to become satisfied on much smaller amounts of food.

How the Program Works

The VGB Program allows you to re-learn how to know when you are full and to be satisfied on three small portions per day (6 small meals a day for diabetics).

When a baby is done with a bottle, they often throw it down because we are all born with the ability to know when we are full. The unfortunate problem is that we began at some point in life to continue eating passed the full point based on anxiety and other emotions.

The Virtual Gastric Bypass program is not a diet. It is a choice to begin to consciously eat your food in three small portions a day being satisfied at the end of each meal. Enjoying the taste of your food because you are eating on a conscious level and not an unconscious level.

Due to the overwhelming success of our clients, we do The Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis in a small group setting of no more than 8 people. This allows each person to get the attention they deserve when it comes to their specific issues with eating. Often you will find that other participants are having the same issues. Each hypnosis group is an hour and a half to two hours in duration. Because of the limited size of the groups of 8 people our groups fill up quickly.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis will help you to make heathier food choices and begin to eat the small portions that will allow your body to decrease in shape and size. New evidence suggests that exercise does not equal weight loss. You only have to go to your local gym to notice that. Exercise has its place for the body and to keep things running and healthy however it has very little effect on weight loss.

Hypnosis often leads to great changes beyond weight loss. Most clients report having a higher self-esteem and more confidence. Others report their anxiety levels have virtually disappeared and they are sleeping better. The unconscious mind makes the changes you want to make. As one client said, “I came here to lose weight and I am leaving with so much more because I no longer smoke.” We never discussed smoking, yet her unconscious mind knew what it needed to do to become healthier.

Ready to change your thinking to change your life?

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