I often get asked the question, “What happens when you do hypnosis and create a virtual gastric band for weight loss?” The following is an in-depth explanation.

The Problem with Gastric Band Surgery

Many people have chosen over the past decade to have gastric bypass surgery. Some of these surgeries have been very successful and others have experienced many side effects. In some cases, severe permanent damage. Some people have even had the surgery and begin to slowly graze on smaller amounts of food throughout the day and have gained much of their unwanted and unneeded weight back. This is because they have only dealt with the physical component of over eating and their unconscious mind (feeling mind) remains unsatisfied.

Virtual Gastric Band History

About eight years ago in the U.K., they started using hypnosis to reprogram your unconscious mind and create a Virtual Gastric Band. The process allows your unconscious mind to reset the mechanism in your mind, so you automatically become satisfied on a much smaller amount of food. The results are 95 percent successful during clinical trials.

When you have made the choice to reduce your weight and are sick and tired of being sick and tired, the virtual gastric band is very effective.

How it Works

After taking some time to get to know you and learn about your individual issues with weight and food, I will show you how easy it is to go into a hypnotic trance. When you are in trance and have relaxed the body and mind, your conscious mind is resting in a holding pattern. This is when your unconscious mind will accept suggestions. This is when the suggestions of doing a Virtual Gastric Band are installed into your unconscious. During hypnosis we work together to place a band around the top portion of the stomach which results in the desire for 3 small meals a day and being satisfied with much smaller amounts of food.

You will be completely satisfied and reset your mechanism within your mind that alerts you when you have had enough to eat. No more snacking, counting calories, weighing food. No more worrying about carbs versus proteins. You simply will eat three small meals a day and over time you will find yourself shifting to healthier choices.

The Results

There is no pain involved and the virtual gastric band is a safe and effective non-invasive option with permanent and lasting results.

Many of my clients reduce their weight by five to seven pounds the first week and maintain a one to two pound weight loss each week thereafter.

The Virtual Gastric Band Program allows you to take control over food once and for all. Give up dieting forever. THIS IS NOT A DIET! Reduce your anxiety and stress and increase your self-esteem and self-confidence!

Contact us NOW for your free 20-minute phone or tele-video (Skype) consultation. The virtual gastric band can be done regardless of where you are on the planet. If you are local to the Connecticut area my office is in Cheshire, Connecticut. It is also extremely effective when doing the Virtual Gastric Band during hypnosis on tele-video (Skype).

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