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Are you struggling with weight loss, weight gain, or food and diet issues like binge eating or starvation diets?

There is a way out for you.

And it’s not another “magic pill” or fad diet.

Though those options may temporarily “work” for some people (did you know that the vast majority gain the weight back?), the reality is that unless you work on the root cause of the problem you’re not going to have lasting change.

Breaking the food/mood cycle with hypnotherapy…

Perhaps you’ve tried the drugs, the shakes, weighing your food, counting calories, 12 step programs, another miracle diet.

And nothing seems to work.

So you isolate yourself, stay home and watch TV. And eat to sooth the pain, like returning to an old friend who never really let you down. Until one day you feel like you can’t take it anymore.

You get to the point where you can’t stand it another moment. So you gather up all your willpower and decide that “today’s the day” to finally change for good. Maybe you sign up at a local gym or health club, clean out your cabinets and the fridge and decide to “eat better.”

Deep down you know that this time, finally, it will be different.

Maybe you do great for a day or two, perhaps even a week. Cut out the soda from your diet completely and you’ll lose a few pounds for sure. Then what happens? Week two starts and where are the results? Frustration sets in, or disappointment, or the idea that you “can’t do it alone” and you need the next magic pill or fad diet to get you the results you want.

Only… you’ve tried that before. Maybe even several “times” before.

Then, little by little, old habits return.

By the third week someone at work has a birthday and there’s cake for everyone, or morning donuts in the cafeteria, or on the way home your favorite fast food drive thru just waiting for your. What can one bite do anyway, right?

After all, there is a void that must be filled.

And food stops the pain. For a while. And then it starts all over again.

Now you feel the shame of failure, you beat up on yourself or criticize yourself for being weak or not having enough “will power.” Like so many times before you end up defeated, depressed and perhaps even enraged at the unfairness of it all.

So how is weight loss hypnosis any different?

Hypnosis is different from other weight loss “programs” because it works from the “inside.” It works because we’re able to get at the root cause of the problem or issue and then help you use tools that empower you.

Rather than relying on a pill, diet, or personal trainer you become empowered to help keep yourself on track.

Hypnosis will help you…

  • Lose weight without a struggle… and keep it off
  • Reprogram yourself to crave exercise the way you used to crave comfort foods
  • Delete negative beliefs and limiting decisions
  • Learn powerful self hypnosis techniques to disable fear, anxiety and panic
  • Clear toxic emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame
  • Reprogram your self-talk to build your self-esteem
  • Program fitness goals into your future that makes them inevitable

How does that sound to you?

You know you can keep trying the same old thing and expecting a different result, or you can reserve your free “get acquainted call” today and discover what hypnosis can do for you.

It’s your decision, and it’s ultimately up to you.

Take the first step toward weight loss today…

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I have worked with hundreds of people just like you who wanted to lose weight or change their eating habits and didn’t know that hypnosis was the “missing piece” to the puzzle.

And it all begins with an initial call that typically lasts 10 minutes. During our first session I will answer any and all of your questions and then I’ll outline the steps we will take together to help you lose the weight, once and for all.

I look forward to working with you… together we can help you reach your goals!

Client Reviews

Make permanent, rapid change so you can take back control of your own mind. Hypnosis works to quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety and stress, fears and phobias. 

  • I just completed my sessions with James Vera. He is amazing ! I went to him for weight and insomnia issues and have lost lbs already and am sleeping well… read more

    Karen Shilling

    James is awesome to work with, very calming, reassuring,confident. I would recommend him as he is very encouraging. Learn to enjoy your food with every bite and not feel guilty… read more

    Lori SW

    What a transforming experience, I successfully reduced my weight before my wedding. I had tried so many other mainstream programs and his hypnosis was the only thing that worked for… read more

    Dani Pandolfi
  • Like everything in life we have choices. James reminded me of that. By the 3rd session for weight loss I was down 10 pounds. But more than that I was… read more

    Joanna Hunter

Hypnosis For

Make permanent, rapid change so you can take back control of your own mind. Hypnosis works to quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety and stress, fears and phobias. It also helps to improve your performance for sports, test taking and public speaking.

Stop letting nicotine control you. Smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco–hypnosis will help you stop for good this time.

Hypnosis can help you to take back control over your racing mind, reduce your stress and anxiety, and give you the freedom you deserve.

LSATS, MCATS, BAR, EMT, LMT–hypnosis can help give you the confidence you need to pass any exam.

Public speaking, sports performance, stage freight–hypnosis can help give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals. 

Hypnosis will help you lose weight; no more dieting or depriving yourself. Hypnosis will help you reach your weight loss goals for good this time. 

Fear of flying, heights, needles, driving, blood, dogs, rodents, spiders, death—hypnosis will help you conquear your fears once and for all.