Or… how to achieve peak performance

Can hypnosis help you, a friend or family member achieve peak performance in their favorite sport or past-time?

Yes it can.

In fact, along with training your body through practice and repetition to develop “muscle memory” hypnosis can help train your mind to remain focused even in the most pressure-packed situations.

Did you know that hypnosis has been the secret weapon of many top athletes over the past 50 years, including:

  • Nolan Ryan – Hall of Fame Baseball pitcher
  • Rod Carew – Hall of Fame Baseball player
  • Lee Evans – a 400-meter Olympic Champion
  • Mary Lou Retton – Olympic Gymnast
  • Jimmy Connor – Tennis Legend
  • Michael Weiss – Champion Figure Skater

There are other notable examples as well…

Phil Jackson (former NBA head coach) insisted that the Chicago Bulls practiced daily self-hypnosis when he coached Michael Jordan and the Bulls to their 6 NBA Championships. And golf legend Jack Nicklaus (winner of the most major championships) claims that his success is entirely owed to practicing concentration and visualization.

Peak performance — both on or off the field — is about talent, training, practice and preparation. Which means that involves your mind just as much, if not more so, than your body.

Master the inner game with sports performance hypnosis

You probably already know how important “the inner game” is when it comes to performing at your best.

In golf you visualize the shot before swinging the club.

And the same is true for any other sport. Confidence breeds success, because when you are confident and focused you can make the shot, hit the bulls-eye, drain the putt, sink the free-throw… you get the idea.

So what happens to so many talented young players?

It’s easy to get tangled up inside, to let the moment overwhelm you when pressure builds and inner thoughts run wild. Doubt, hesitation and a momentary lack of confidence leads to the “yips” or “choke” that results in a poor throw, bad shot, missed catch, or strikeout.

This can — over time — cause you to doubt your ability and yourself, both on and off the field…

“You can practice and train all you want but if your mental game isn’t there, if you have doubt or fear or are stuck in a slump, you can forget it.”
~ Craig Sigl, Internationally recognized sport hypnotist.

And in some cases people stop enjoying their favorite sport or past-time altogether.

So how can sports hypnosis help you?

Even if you’re already at the top of your game hypnosis can help you remain at the top.

And if you’re a talented high school or college athlete (or weekend warrior), hypnosis can help you gain a competitive advantage by giving you the tools to master the inner game and achieve consistent peak performance.

You get to discover an easy-to-use system of practical mental tools that can give you the edge on the field and off:

  • how to control of your thoughts
  • how to use self-hypnosis to quiet “self talk”
  • master internal conflict resolution
  • trigger a “Champion” mindset
  • clear mental blocks, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • overcome perfectionism or a fear of failure in the spotlight
  • and much more

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