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When you get up in front of people to give a presentation or a speech, does your face get red and hot and do your palms sweat? Does your heart race and you find that you even forget your words? Or is it that when you play your favorite sport, you choke and miss the shot? Maybe it is that when you have studied and prepared for your exam, you still get a less than desirable outcome. I have even helped male clients with performance anxiety in the bedroom which can cause ED (Erectile Dysfunction) when there is nothing physically wrong.

What is Performance Anxiety?

Performance anxiety can be related to so many things in our lives that we worry over and stress out about the results. The fear of not performing well at whatever we are doing can be crippling in its effects. This leads to you giving less than your best because of the anxiety and not because of your true potential.

When taking tests for example, scholastic performance anxiety can cause you to forget previously studied material. When getting up to give your speech you may hear a trembling in your voice and not do so well giving the speech.

What will others think? Am I good enough?

Not to mention a continuous comparison about yourself to how others are doing. The only fair comparison however is your own performance now versus how your performance was in the past. Recognizing your own improvements, no matter how gradual they may be is important.

Overcoming Performance Anxiety with Hypnosis

Hypnosis works to help you overcome any type performance anxiety. In your subconscious mind, is the original sensitizing event. This event, whether known consciously or not, is where the problem exists. When you do hypnosis with me, your conscious mind can relax while I speak directly to your subconscious mind, so you can change the feelings and thoughts related to the anxiety.

Your subconscious mind learns rapidly and is waiting for you to give it the command.

Your subconscious mind is also like a computer and is reprogrammable.  If you can program your mind to be anxious during your performance, it only makes sense that you can reprogram it to remain calm and relaxed during your performance. During hypnosis we’ll bypass the critical faculty and speak directly to the part of you that knows and wants you to perform at your highest level.

Understanding Anxiety

I think it is also important to mention that anxiety comes from thinking about future moments that have not occurred yet. In contrast, depression comes from thoughts of past moments that can never be recaptured. Consequently, the only place calm and relaxed can exist is in the present moment. Not in the future, not in the past, but NOW. This is where your perfect performance exists every time. Hypnosis helps you to create new neural pathways to perform at your pinnacle.

A good way to bring yourself back to the present moment is simply to take a moment and listen to your breathing. Feel the cool air as you breathe in through your nose and the warm air as you exhale slowly as if you were blowing out a candle.

Are you ready to be done with your performance anxiety and perform at your best time and time again?

Regardless of whether you are local to Connecticut or live in another part of the world, I can help you with hypnosis. My tele-video clients experience the same successful results as clients who see me at my office.

Contact me now for your free 10-minute telephone consultation so I can show you how hypnosis will help you to perform without anxiety.

Client Reviews

Make permanent, rapid change so you can take back control of your own mind. Hypnosis works to quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety and stress, fears and phobias. 

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    Elizabeth Alberino

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    Faye Beresner

    Had a great experience working with James. I will be recommending him to others.

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Hypnosis For

Make permanent, rapid change so you can take back control of your own mind. Hypnosis works to quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety and stress, fears and phobias. It also helps to improve your performance for sports, test taking and public speaking.

Stop letting nicotine control you. Smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco–hypnosis will help you stop for good this time.

Hypnosis can help you to take back control over your racing mind, reduce your stress and anxiety, and give you the freedom you deserve.

LSATS, MCATS, BAR, EMT, LMT–hypnosis can help give you the confidence you need to pass any exam.

Public speaking, sports performance, stage freight–hypnosis can help give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals. 

Hypnosis will help you lose weight; no more dieting or depriving yourself. Hypnosis will help you reach your weight loss goals for good this time. 

Fear of flying, heights, needles, driving, blood, dogs, rodents, spiders, death—hypnosis will help you conquear your fears once and for all.