Eating healthy can look very different depending on who you talk to about the subject. While there are guidelines in place that offer ideas on what types of foods should make-up everyone’s plates, years of unhealthy habits, foods laden with artificial ingredients and fillers and a population overcome by obesity and disease prove that for most, it is about a lot more than just learning what foods to put on your plate.

Even if you successfully come up with a plan to eat better and are told you can lose weight if you just stick to the regimen, you might find that you come up short on the goals because eating food is something that’s so closely tied to what’s happening in our conscious and subconscious minds.

Are you really eating because you’re famished and need nutrients? Do you just like the comfort of a bowl of vanilla ice cream like your grandmother would serve you when you used to visit her as a child? Is the insulin released when you eat a chocolate bar the quick high that you’re really after?

March is national nutrition month and the perfect opportunity to talk about the ways hypnosis can be used to reprogram your brain and help you to finally enjoy eating healthy.

Eating Right is a Personal Matter

Since all of our taste buds vary and no two bodies operate 100% identically, it’s important to learn about healthy eating by going inward and listening to your body and then telling it the things it needs to do to feel good once and for all. Choose food items that spark joy, flavors that leave you feeling satisfied and learn to use food as a nutritional element and not a drug.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis can help with teaching your mind to eat healthy because you reprogram it with positive affirmations you learn along with your journey. Understanding what items cause pain, how to affiliate the pleasures you feel with certain foods properly and creating new neural-associations to them in your mind will all help you to make better decisions when it comes to food – just like you’ve been trying to achieve for so many years now.

If the end goal of eating better for you is weight loss, you’re in luck! I offer hypnosis for weight loss as individual sessions that will teach you all the tactics needed to transition your mind to make better choices and get out of the “diet” mentality that’s held you back all these years.

You’ll install a Virtual Gastric Band in your unconscious mind. Instead of having invasive surgery to reduce your weight you’ll learn to control your unconscious mind to eat smaller meals and feel full.

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