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18867047_mWhere did you leave your keys?

What was the name of the person who came into your business the other day?

You knew all the answers to the test and forgot many of them when you started taking the test.

The question to ask yourself is… can hypnosis improve my memory?

The answer an astounding YES!

Why Hypnosis for Memory Works

I see so many clients for issues regarding memory. Some of you want to score better on your board exams others just need help with short-term memory.

Sometimes I am asked by the local law enforcement to work with witnesses to remember the color of the car that got away or the license plate number on a car who hit them.

You have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind.

The way to view this is simply that you have a computer (conscious mind) and the programming or software which is your subconscious mind. The program can be changed at anytime as it is your servant and follows whatever you tell it to do.

Sometimes it takes a short time to reprogram the mind.

When we study information prior to an exam or something in our lives happens quickly during trauma we store this information. It is available for your recall at anytime. Keep in mind (no pun intended) that your mind contains a large storehouse of information ready to be retrieved at your command.

The only thing to stand in the way is our conscious mind.

When we allow the conscious mind to take a vacation during hypnosis we can ask the subconscious mind to remember what it has stored.

I have found during my Skype hypnosis sessions using the combination of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming I can help you not only remember answers on a test but help improve your memory overall.

Sometimes we use anchors to help you remember. Anchors are like a switch we can turn on and easily access memory in the very instant we need it.

Because I am using my voice and hypnosis techniques to improve your memory it is successful regardless whether our session is in person or over the internet. I just helped a student from Villanova pass a major exam. He lacked confidence and through Skype hypnosis connecting us from Philadelphia to Connecticut I was able to help him pass his exam with an 89%.

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Experience Hypnosis for Memory Improvement Yourself!

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