Many people believe that lasting personal change must take a long time. I have been working for years with clients to help them realize that they can create personal lasting change rapidly and easily. Often as quickly as a problem started!

Most people are under the assumption that for change to occur it consists of a lengthy process of reliving previous traumas and experiencing deep psychological analysis. Many also believe that by telling their story and understanding they have a problem will make it go away.

I have many clients who have spent years on medications and going from psychologists to physiatrists frustrated with the same feelings and behaviors they have suffered with for so long.

Hypnosis Works for Rapid Change

Hypnosis works to create permanent lasting rapid change with many problems such as anxiety, stress, fears and phobias, OCD and smoking just to name a few. My clients are often shocked and how after 1 to 3 sessions their problems have faded away. Most people leave with the results they were looking for after the first visit. The other visits are often used to reinforce what they accomplished during the first visit.

I consider myself to be a rapid change worker. I use hypnosis to help you change the thoughts feelings and behaviors you have been wanting to change. Using hypnosis to create permanent lasting change rapidly is easy because instead of using your conscious mind (Left Brain and Conscious Mind), hypnosis helps you to put the conscious mind on hold and speak directly to the unconscious mind (Right Brain Emotional Mind).

Power of Your Mind

You have a super powerful subconscious mind. You have the power and all the resources within in you to use the subconscious mind to create the life that you want. A mind with no direction is a mind going in the wrong direction. The subconscious mind requires you to be the director in charge and it will follow what you really want, both positive and negative. Therefore, it is important to be the steward of your own thoughts.

I do not spend a lot of times on “your story.” You have told it many times on a conscious level and are still getting the same results. As I tell each client that comes to me, you can leave my office with your story or with results the choice is yours.

Hypnosis is not something I do to you. It is a process that you participate in by following directions and using your vivid imagination to go into trance. You cannot be forced into a hypnotic trance and you cannot be forced to change. Hypnosis is a consensual state of focused relaxation that you create, hence the statement, “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.”

Change Your Life

When you experience the rapid change in my office it allows you the freedom to live the life you always knew possible. The idea is to show you that you create the change as not to create a dependency upon the hypnotist.

Now that you are ready to rapidly change the thoughts feelings and behaviors that have weighed you down for so long contact me NOW for a free 10-minute phone consultation. We can work together so you can change your feelings and change your life!