When public speaking is required, most people will shudder in fear just thinking about having to go up in front of a crowd to speak.

Maybe it’s the thought that everyone will be hyper-focused on the words coming out of your mouth. Or, perhaps there’s something you don’t like about your physical appearance. If you’re not that confident in the subject you’re covering that can also lead to you break out in a cold sweat, stumbling over your words, or worse – forgetting entire sentences that you had rehearsed dozens of times before.

The need to give a speech or speak to a large crowd can arise at any time in your life. It can happen at a business meeting, during a wedding celebration, or even in the classroom setting.

Tackling the fears associated with public speaking and learning how you can give speeches that deliver each time requires getting to the root of issues you have with speaking first. Then, re-programming your subconscious mind to be confident when the moment arrives to get up there.

This is where hypnosis can help…

The old-age advice of, “picture them all in their underwear,” isn’t going to get you to suddenly start speaking with eloquence and commanding the room, that’s for sure. But when you trust in your mind that you can give the speech, and give it well, new confidence takes over.

Hypnosis for Public Speaking

In a calm, relaxed and hypnotic state, the mind is much more open to suggestions this is where hypnosis takes you. Here, new ideas can be suggested to change past ideas and any thoughts that tend to crowd our minds and send us into a panic. With hypnosis, I speak directly to the mind to remove negative thoughts. The goal is to teach your mind to be confident in your ability to deliver a great, successful speech before it even happens.

As you’re reprogramming your mind and creating new pathways, you’ll be switching gears to a more positive outlook on the situation and gain enthusiasm about delivering the speech.

Have an upcoming event where you’ve been asked to give a speech? Need help in gaining the confidence to get up in front of the crowd and give a legendary speech? Let’s work together!

I can teach you self-hypnosis and provide you with key tools for achieving this goal.

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