If you’ve ever seen the images online of healthy lungs vs. those of someone who’s smoked for years, they’ve either made you thankful to not have picked up the habit, or evoked fear that this bad thing you haven’t been able to kick is wreaking the same damage inside of you.

Maybe some other realization has now prompted you to finally say, “That’s it!” and you’ve found yourself online trying to find tips for putting the smokes down. If you’re like many though, going cold turkey doesn’t always result in the success you had hoped for.

Smoker Relapse

The number of people that wish to quit but cannot and those that do, but relapse, is high. Reasons a smoker might relapse can include, being triggered by a stressful situation, having temptations around you creep in, or maybe you just lacking the will to follow through.

The thing about a relapse is it sneaks up you. It might happen a few hours after deciding to quit smoking or an entire year after you’ve successfully avoided the habit. While no one person’s experience will be the same, feeling defeated can make them never want to try to stop again.

I’m here to tell you though, that the thing you were missing in the equation before is control of your subconscious mind and thoughts when going into the transition.  After all, in order to create lasting change, you need the tools you can take with you each day as you face the world.

Hypnosis is what allows you to go within on a deeper level than your conscious mind can reach to put the wheels in motion for positive change.

Learn Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis has not only made it possible for those wanting to give up smoking to gain amazing results but together with self-hypnosis, makes lasting change possible.

Want to see for yourself?  I’ll give you the tools to continue in the right frame of mind on your own so that even down the line when you’re faced with situations that may tempt you to pick up the habit again, you can gain control of the situation.

We can meet at my Cheshire, CT office if you’re local to the area or we can video chat on Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or whichever app you’re comfortable with. I am here to help you kick this habit that’s been holding you back all this time so you no longer feel like a prisoner to nicotine. Contact me today so we can get started working on you right away!

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