As I sit here pondering my next topic to write about for this blog, I am reminded of the many successful clients that have come to me to increase their motivation and stop procrastination using hypnosis. I had a wonderful laugh taking an aerial view of my own behavior. Asking myself, “how is procrastination affecting my life?” The answer came rolling through my mind like a freight train. Yes, Yes, Yes! I do have issues with procrastination and writing blogs is one of the things I procrastinate with month in, and month out. In fact, my blog editor who is reviewing this article now is probably having her own laugh about this article as well.


I began using self-hypnosis to stop procrastination. After having successfully solved many of my own issues with self-hypnosis which includes the fear of flying, I knew I could overcome this issue of getting blogs complete each month.

I teach you self-hypnosis when you become my client. The idea is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and my goal is to show you how to reprogram your own subconscious mind to eliminate the need to depend on the hypnotist for every issue.

This journey began a few weeks back. My goal each month is to write three blogs and have them over to my editor by the 10th of each month for publication. That means having the three articles written in advance, so she has the time to make corrections and post on evenly spaced intervals. Unfortunately, due to the hypnotist’s (me) procrastination, I put off writing the articles and give myself all types of excuses. She patiently waits each month as the articles roll in at the last minute. She is always kind and I am embarrassed that articles are then published so close together. You only need to look at my erratic dates of publication to see the results of my procrastination.

This blog post is the last of three that are due today on the 10th one month in advance. The wonderful feeling, I have right now of being completely free of writing any pieces until next month. Ahhhh! It makes me wonder why I put off something that is so simple. I spend more time saying I have to write the articles then I do actually the writing of them.

Overcome Procrastination

There are many reasons why you procrastinate. Hypnosis will help overcome your procrastination. Here’s a closer look at some of them:

1) Perfectionism: If I can’t do it perfectly, then why do it at all? Many of the silent critical voices in our heads prevent us from completing the tasks simply because we may not do it perfectly.

2) Fear of Failure: During hypnosis, you can train your mind to view failure as another opportunity to succeed. Often, we must fail as a natural part of human behavior to get things right. Many of these beliefs come from old experiences and have been imprinted in the unconscious part of your mind. Reversing and updating those beliefs can transform how you approach to-dos.

3) Lack of Focus: There are so many things we can distract ourselves with such as our phones, emails, social media and other time-sucking activities. Most times, distraction comes from worry; we’re constantly thinking about what worries us, and thus, we can’t focus on the project. Hypnosis helps you to focus on the tasks at hand which in turn helps to avoid not doing it.

4) Lack of self-confidence: Lacking confidence is a fear – an irrational fear – that prevents us from getting starting. You don’t trust yourself. You don’t think you have the abilities. A lack of confidence can affect motivation. When we’re inclined to feel that we’re not competent or capable enough, we’d rather not get started. Hypnosis will help to increase your self-confidence which can be a powerful tool for overcoming procrastination. That starts with retraining your thinking, driving those negative thoughts out of your mind.

5) Low Energy: This cause, unlike the others mentioned, isn’t based on fear. But it’s a very real cause of procrastination. Exhaustion prevents us from focusing, and it’s often related to lifestyle factors like a lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, and/or stress.  Hypnosis will help you to get past low energy levels once you pinpoint the cause of energy struggles and improve your lifestyle to ensure you’ve had enough rest and are free from stress and anxiety and eating the right foods to stay focused.

Get Started

Hypnosis will help you to overcome your procrastination by working with your subconscious mind and reprograming it for increased self-confidence, increased motivation and focus while reducing your negative thinking.

If you are not local to my office in Cheshire, Connecticut, no worries at all. Tele-Video Hypnosis is just as effective as seeing me at my office. Contact me NOW so you can reach the goals you are worthy and deserving of receiving.

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