Ten years ago, I was doing home care as a Respiratory Therapist. I arrived at a home with a patient with COPD and she was needing an oxygen assessment. As I was going over her patient history with her, I noticed she had stopped smoking for over 20 years. I asked her how she stopped smoking and she said with hypnosis. Like most people laughed and said, “Did he make you cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog too?”

When she told me that she went to a hypnotist twenty years ago and never smoked again and that that moment had changed her life in an instant. It was a moment in my life to change me forever too.

I went home and researched how to become a hypnotist.

I wanted to help people become happy, healthy non-smokers for life too. That was in 2010 and since I have helped hundreds of people end their smoking habit permanently!

Smoking is an unconscious habit that most people try to quit with their conscious mind. By telling themselves they need to quit and beating themselves up repeatedly on a conscious level when they don’t succeed. Society also doesn’t help by shunning smokers and making them smoke out in the pouring rain and freezing cold as well as limiting the places where they can smoke. It all becomes such a giant chore for a possible 5 minutes of pleasure.

I believe that change can happen rapidly and without the pain and discomfort of reliving past events. The answer is hypnosis.

Hypnosis works for rapid change.

It’s ironic to me that many people are shocked by hypnosis and the fact that their problem is gone after the first visit. Yet they are not shocked when they come in after a traumatic event and tell me their life changed in an instant after an accident or whatever event occurred. Many people are under the impression that rapid change can only happen to you when something negative happens. This is simply not true.

Hypnosis works by putting your conscious mind on hold while you are in hypnosis and making the suggestions and changes to your unconscious mind that you want to have happen. Basically, you focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Come to my office craving a cigarette and expecting rapid change, wanting rapid change and it will happen. This is not something I do to you. This is something you and your unconscious mind do to make the choice to live a different life of freedom. A life where you are in control and not your old habit that no longer works for you.

The clients I work with are motived to stop smoking for good! No longer needing and no longer wanting a cigarette. You may have tried the patch, gum, or even medication from your doctor and nothing’s worked to end the smoking habit for good. It is at this point that people do hypnosis and end their smoking habit for good.

Are you ready to stop smoking for good?

Good! It all starts with a 10-minute free phone consultation so we can work together to help you save money and your life and be the healthy, non-smoker you were born to be. Contact me NOW to get started!

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