So, you are ready to give up that nagging habit of smoking cigarettes. Have you quit time and time again only to return to your old faithful friend? Maybe you’ve tried Chantix, cold turkey, the patch, acupuncture or some other bargaining chip in your conscious mind to try to stop smoking with no permanent success.

The reason is simple. You are working hard with your conscious mind to become a non-smoker when instead it is a subconscious habit in your mind. You are not consciously a smoker. Most people light up before they have even thought about it consciously.

Enter the permanent solution: Hypnosis works! Yes, hypnosis works because hypnosis helps you to reprogram your subconscious mind back to a time when you were a non-smoker. When you started smoking at an age of 12 through 17 years old you had to work at becoming a smoker. You had to reprogram your brain to become a smoker. You worked hard at becoming a smoker. You had to pretend you liked it to look cool in front of your friends. You had to avoid coughing and showing that you can inhaled. You did it time and time again for about 28 days and created a neural pathway in your mind called, “I am a smoker.”

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

During hypnosis, we put your conscious mind on hold while we speak to that part of your mind – the subconscious mind – that wants to become and happy healthy non-smoker for life, permanently.

If you follow my instructions, you will leave the session never having to ever need to smoke again, for the rest of your life.

How it Works

You arrive with your cigarettes, so you can throw them away once and for all. I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to show you how to let go of any thoughts you may have about smoking in the future.

You will also receive a reinforcement recording to listen each day for 28 days to reinforce the work we did in my office. Becoming a non-smoker is easy because you are using your adult mind to make an adult choice. When you programmed your mind to become a smoker you did that with the immature mind of an adolescent. I can almost guarantee with certainty that the adult choices you make in your life now are not the same as the immature choices you made as a teenager. Because you are making the choice to become a non-smoker for life with your adult mind, it is easy to be a success.

Get Help Now!

I have helped people using hypnosis to stop smoking all over the planet. Some come to my office in Cheshire, Connecticut and others are as far away as Mexico using tele-video (Skype). The results are equally as effective because hypnosis works with my voice to your mind which can be done anywhere on the planet there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Contact me now, so we can schedule your appointment so you can become a happy healthy non-smoker, permanently!

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