I learned about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) during my initial hypnosis certification. I must confess, I did not take it seriously and I did not incorporate this technique for the first couple of years. I am now using EFT with profound results!

What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

emotional freedom technique

EFT is a common-sense approach that draws its power from eastern discoveries which have been around for over 5,000 years. By tapping your fingers on different meridian points in a certain sequence it causes a shift within the energy fields. These ideas have been largely ignored by western healing practices and as they are unveiled in our current times, human process is reopening itself to the forgotten truth that everything is energy and the potential that this offers us.

Gary Craig discovered EFT in the 1990’s and it has provided thousands of people with relief from all types of problems and conditions, often in a remarkably quick time and after long and painful periods of searching for a cure. The diversity of successful treatments ranging from trauma and abuse, phobias, self-sabotaging behavior patterns, to deep set emotional conditions of anxiety and depression, addictions, physical illness and many others.

How EFT Works

Working off its discovery statement that: “Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system,” EFT works to clear the disruptions and eliminate the resulting emotional response or intensity to restore emotional harmony and offer relief from physical discomfort. This happens by focusing on a specific problem while tapping your fingers on the meridian points. This helps to “short circuit” to the body’s learned negative emotion.

EFT Success

I have been learning from Mike Mandel in Toronto, Canada. He is a hypnotist with over 40 years of experience in many aspects of hypnosis. I am using his rapid EFT to help dissolve the craving for people in my smoking cessation. The results have been phenomenal! In regards to smoking cessation, the client arrives at my office not having had a cigarette in several hours and craving at about a 10 on a scale of zero to 10 with ten being the worst craving. After using tapping, the client realizes their craving slowly has reduced itself down to zero or one. Then we go into hypnosis to be sure the unconscious mind knows that it is a non-smoker for life and the client is experiencing the freedom of being a non-smoker. If the thought of having a cigarette should come to mind, they can now use the EFT technique to eliminate any thoughts or cravings.

My anxiety and stress clients have now noticed a big difference in using EFT to virtually eliminate anxiety, stress and panic. I recently had a client with the fear of public speaking and she has been using EFT now for all her presentations and speeches with unbelievable results. I’m using EFT with most of my clients to reduce cravings of food and increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

I see clients face-to-face in my Cheshire, Connecticut office as well as see clients all over the planet using Tele-Video (Skype) hypnosis. Contact me NOW for your 20-minute free consultation so we can discuss how I can help you get the relief you have been waiting for.

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