What do you want for the coming year? What do you REALLY want? You may want to give up some habit that no longer serves you. You might make the choice to stop over eating and begin mindfulness eating. You may want to be improve the sport you are playing and reach peak level performance. You may simply want to be the best you can be! Hypnosis can help you with these issues and many others in between.

Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work?

Most New Year’s Resolutions don’t work because they are made with the conscious mind and depend on shear willpower to overcome the issue. After many failed resolutions, you soon discover hypnosis works and will make your resolutions permanent.

How Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis helps you reprogram your unconscious mind and install the new applications to make what you really want. This change will be profound, permanent and lasting. The changes need to take place on an unconscious level to remain permanent, because the issues are in your unconscious mind and not in your conscious mind.

When you are in hypnosis, it gives you a chance to put the critical conscious mind on hold while you reprogram the unconscious mind for what you REALLY want. This allows your mind to understand it has all of the resources in place to create permanent and lasting change.

Most importantly, these choices you are making must be for YOU! Not for your family, your doctor, or your spouse and children. The changes will occur rapidly when your mind is in congruence with what YOU really want for YOU!

Make Permanent Changes Now!

Hypnosis is wonderful for relaxing the body and mind and making the changes you want and are deserving of receiving. You will sleep better and you can relieve your stress and anxiety, lose weight, stop smoking, improve your test scores or become the top-level performer on your sports team.

Your unconscious mind is amazing and can process information very rapidly as opposed to your conscious mind which can only process and retain 5 to 7 bits of information at a time. Your conscious mind is often called the critical mind and often tells you why something won’t work verses why something will work.

The unconscious mind is your “feeling” mind. It tells you how to feel. Therefore, you often try to make yourself feel better by reaching for the cigarette unconsciously or eating cookies while staring at the clock because your unconscious mind seeks comfort. The good news is that your unconscious mind follows what you want. So, when you make a choice, and I mean a permeant choice, that you want to change, hypnosis will tell your unconscious mind what you REALLY want and you will be amazed at how the change happens without any struggle with your will power.

Let Miracles Hypnosis Help

We offer many hypnosis programs to help you with whatever your goal might be. If you have test taking anxiety, hypnosis works to improve your memory, increase your self-confidence while reducing your anxiety during your exam. Perhaps you have some no longer wanted weight, you can do our Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis program which has a 95 percent success rate. Maybe you want to make an adult choice to stop smoking once and for all. Maybe you are working towards getting into a Division 1 college and need to improve your sports performance, hypnosis can help you reach your peak athletic performance. Perhaps you are tired of all the worry, stress and a racing mind. Hypnosis will help you learn to slow the mind down and reduce your stress and anxiety.

The best news is that you can do hypnosis either in my office in Cheshire, Connecticut or using tele-video (Skype hypnosis) from wherever you are on the planet from the comfort and safety of your own environment.

Contact me now for a 20-minute free consultation either by phone or tele-video, so you can make the changes you are worthy and deserving of receiving. Happy New Year!

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