One of the most important components of using hypnosis in managing anxiety and stress is the ability for the client to learn self-hypnosis as a part of their hypnosis program.

Any client who I work with regardless of the issue they are dealing with is taught self-hypnosis. It is important for the client to continue the reinforcement to the subconscious mind using self-hypnosis in between sessions and after the hypnosis treatment is completed.

When I am doing hypnosis with you, I will often say that I am simply the guide, the operator if you will, and you are the dreamer. You are in control of your mind and body, and your subconscious mind will take direction from you as to what changes you want to make. It is very similar to reprograming your own mind to change undesirable thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Why Is Self-Hypnosis So Important?

It takes at least 21 days to create a new neural pathway in the brain to create a new behavior. This is why it is very important that each client who comes in to my office leaves knowing that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and that reinforcement is just as important as the hypnosis sessions.

My clients who have the most success are the clients who are motivated to make the changes needed to improve their life.

What Can Self-Hypnosis Help With?

Self-hypnosis training represents a rapid, cost-effective, nonaddictive and safe alternative to medication for the treatment of anxiety-related conditions.

The use of self-hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety and stress-related disorders, including anxiety associated with cancer, surgery, burns and medical/dental procedures.

Hypnosis is also is very effective with anxiety-related disorders, such as tension headaches, test taking anxiety, migraines and irritable bowel syndrome. The tremendous volumes of research provide compelling evidence that hypnosis is an efficacious treatment for state anxiety (e.g., prior to tests, surgery and medical procedures) and anxiety-related disorders, such as headaches and irritable bowel syndrome.

Get Support with Miracles Hypnosis Center

I have been seeing clients and doing hypnosis for anxiety and stress and many other issues both locally in my office in Cheshire, Connecticut and also doing hypnosis online with clients all over the world. My tele-hypnosis program is becoming even easier as we team up with to make your tele-hypnosis sessions easier for you. This new addition makes all your information HIPPA-compliant and your credit card information safe and easy.

With WeCounsel I am happy to have a free 20 minute confidential tele-hypnosis consultation with you right from the comforts of your own home or office.

Contact me NOW so we can discuss how hypnosis can help you learn to reduce your stress and anxiety naturally and easily with no side effects.

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