There is no coincidence you are reading this article right now.

Perhaps you are feeling stress and anxiety and you feel the need to end the cycle or worry and fear. You’re not alone, and maybe you are thinking it is time you get someone to help you.

Maybe up until now you had no idea where to go.

Now you have found this article and realize you can change those thoughts easily and naturally using hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is safe and has no side effects.

Why hypnosis is so effective

You live in a very complex busy world and you are often on overload with family, work, financial obligations and other life stressors.

Help is here now!

I can be your guide through hypnosis to put your conscious mind at rest and allow your subconscious mind to become an open field of reception to the wonderful changes that are coming your way.

Hypnosis is not something that the movies or TV portray accurately, nor is it mind control.

Hypnosis is a wonderful state of consciousness that we go in and out of all day long. During your first session we will discuss in detail your exact issues and then during our hypnosis session we will use your suggestions to your subconscious mind to get the relief from stress and anxiety you have been wanting and desiring.

I will also help you using NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming during your hypnosis to help you with the core reasons for the stress and anxiety

How can hypnosis work for stress and anxiety?

Our subconscious mind is like software in your computer.

You are in control of your thoughts and your subconscious mind is your faithful servant. It waits for you to give it the commands to create. If your thoughts are of worry and fear than that it is well it will produce. You can change your “black cloud” to a puffy white cloud just by allowing your subconscious mind during hypnosis to see your reality differently. There is a saying that goes,  “If you change the way you see things the things you see will change.”

Hypnosis is a wonderful natural way to reduce your stress.

Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis I will teach you the skills and provide you the direction so you can use self-hypnosis at home.

Experience hypnosis for yourself!

For hypnosis in CT you can click the link for my office location.

And if you would prefer to have a phone or skype session click the link as well so we can set up a time for your first appointment. I have worked with hundreds of people just like you who were willing and ready to finally confront those issues that were holding them back from living life to the fullest.

Does that sound good to you?

Call me now at (203) 490-5100 for a free consultation so we can discuss in private your individual problems. I am looking forward to hearing from you now.

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