12902366_mAs a long-time Respiratory Therapist at the VA I have first hand experience of the dangers of smoking.

I have worked with patients who struggle each and every day just to take a breath. And though there were medications available to help somewhat, like Albuterol and various steroids to help with the symptoms, those did not (nor could not) become a lasting solution.

More frustrating was the inability to help people stop smoking.

I wanted to find any solution for the problem which was to STOP SMOKING AND BECOME an EX-SMOKER!

Imagine yourself as an ex-smoker!

Discovering the power of hypnosis

I did homecare as a Respiratory Therapist for many years and would go from house to house watching people not being able to breath — some on oxygen, others not.

What’s worse, many of them were still smoking!

I kept thinking besides educating them on the harmful effects of smoking — of which they already were aware — what else could I do for them?

I decided to start taking an informal survey of my patients who were able to stop smoking. If they said they had quit for more than one year, I would ask them their method. I heard many ways people stopped.

The two ways at the top of the list were:

  1. cold turkey, which they all said was painful and difficult and
  2. and hypnosis!

At the time I knew nothing of hypnosis and was surprised of how many people had become ex-smokers and stopped smoking with hypnosis.

I was on a mission to find the training needed to become a Certified Hypnotist.

I would finally have tools to help people with this habit which was not only controlling their lives but literally taking their breath away. I sought out the largest certification board for hypnotists called the National Guild of Hypnotist and found a local instructor to help me with this certification.

Since becoming a Certified Hypnotist I have seen hundreds of clients just like you stop smoking in just a few sessions. Most people are no longer smoking between one and three visits.

I use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) along with hypnosis to help end a life time torture of allowing cigarettes to control their lives.

For the first time in your life you can be in control and not your habit.

I also found many of my hypnosis clients did not have the time to travel to my office as their schedules did not allow for the travel time and office time needed for my sessions. I then started my tele-hypnosis program allowing you to have your session in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

And the results have proven to be extremely effective.

The sessions can be done using a headset and microphone connected to your cell phone or computer for a skype session. This now allows no more excuses for not having the time to stop smoking. Let me end your pain today by giving you a free phone consultation to discuss you stopping smoking once and for all.

Most people like you come to me after they exhausted every other effort to stop smoking for good.

Let me help you today and…

Experience hypnosis for yourself!

If you’re ready to experience the healing power of hypnosis for yourself, then contact me right now and reserve your free phone consultation.

I have worked with hundreds of people just like you who were willing and ready to finally quit smoking for good didn’t know how, or didn’t realize that hypnosis would finally help them.

And it all begins with an initial “get acquainted” call that typically lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. During our first session I will answer any and all of your questions and then I’ll outline the steps we will take together to help you stop smoking once and for all.

Does that sound good to you?

I look forward to working with you… together we can help you to resolve your problems!

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