Imagine that because you’ve made a choice to change, now the possibilities are endless…

About Me

I believe you have all the resources you need within your unconscious mind to make permanent, rapid change. My focus is to help each person through a compassionate, positive, uplifting and energetic approach.

Hypnosis For

Make permanent, rapid change so you can take back control of your own mind. Hypnosis works to quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety and stress, fears and phobias. It also helps to improve your performance for sports, test taking and public speaking.

Stop letting nicotine control you. Smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco–hypnosis will help you stop for good this time.

Hypnosis can help you to take back control over your racing mind, reduce your stress and anxiety, and give you the freedom you deserve.

LSATS, MCATS, BAR, EMT, LMT–hypnosis can help give you the confidence you need to pass any exam.

Public speaking, sports performance, stage freight–hypnosis can help give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals. 

Hypnosis will help you lose weight; no more dieting or depriving yourself. Hypnosis will help you reach your weight loss goals for good this time. 

Fear of flying, heights, needles, driving, blood, dogs, rodents, spiders, death—hypnosis will help you conquear your fears once and for all.

Get Hypnotized Online

It doesn’t matter where you’re located: all you need is an internet connection with camera support. I offer hypnosis sessions via Skype, Zoom, and Facetime




Latest Vlog Episodes

My vlog, “It’s your mind, so give it a minute” is dedicated to those who want to reprogram their mind and change their own thoughts feelings and behaviors. Check out the first episode below.

Fear of Disease | Coping Tips From Certified Hypnotist's

Welcome to the first episode of It’s Your Mind So Give it a Minute. I’m James M. Vera today’s show was originally supposed to be about the fear of flying however we thought we would change the topic given the current worldwide social climate.

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Voice Or Text – (203)-490-5100



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